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Which Suspender Width is Right for You?

Generally speaking, when most of us are deciding to sport some suspenders, we’re usually thinking about the normal things. What color should I get? What color do I have to get? Pattern or no pattern? There’s different materials? I can totally wear this neon color to the wedding, right?

Through the list of things popping through our minds when shopping for suspenders, the width of the suspender straps probably doesn’t even pop into mind- even a little bit. We bet some of you didn’t even know there were different suspender lengths! Don’t worry, because not only is that completely okay, but that’s what we are here for.

There are three main categories in which suspender width sizes are divided into: Thin, mid-range, and wide. The choice is up to the individual wearing the suspenders, of course. But, we have broken down the specific sizes and what they are typically worn for.

  • Thin: Also known as “skinny” suspenders, thin suspender straps are usually in sizes of: ½ “, ¾ “, and 1” wide. Skinny suspenders are considered to be the most fashionable size out of the three. They are typically added to an outfit as a stylish accessory. They are a great and popular option with women whom love being fashion-forward. They are perfect to pair with a blouse, jeans, casual dress shirt or even t-shirt! Skinny suspenders are increasing their popularity due to their versatility at bringing an outfit to life.
  • Mid-Range: Suspender strap sizes being, 1.25”, 1.3875” and 1.5”- which are indeed the most popular suspender strap size choice. This middle range offers great versatility being able to be styled different ways. Such as, businesses men that need to attend important meetings, or spend a lot of time in the office. But, these size types are also perfect for casual dress, date nights, parties and even weddings.
  • Wide: If you work in a labor-intensive environment, such as: construction, security guards, airport employees, etc. Then the 2” wide work” suspenders are the option for you! The wideness of the strap allows for ultimate support and comfort being able to hold tool belts, or other materials and supplies that one may need.

So, there you have it. A little break down of the most popular suspender width sizes when it comes to suspenders. At the end of the day, choosing what you like best and what you’re most comfortable is important, but having a little history and help in what occasions each size works best for doesn’t hurt!