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When Is It Appropriate to Wear Novelty Suspenders?

Suspenders are an underrated accessory (in our expert opinion) in the realm of accessories. Most commonly seen worn with formal wear attire, suspenders are pretty simple and extremely practical.

But, with fashion trends evolving, more fashion risks being taken, the suspender is becoming not just a black tie event accessory, but an everyday accessory! Suspenders are being styled with not just tuxedos anymore, but: blazers, suits, t-shirts, dress shirts, slacks, jeans etc. can be found being accessorized with different patterns, colors and even materials of suspenders.

As for novelty printed suspenders, those can be a different story. Novelty suspenders are a great way at accessorizing while throwing a little personalization, color and theme to an ensemble. The fun of the novelty suspender is that they are a great conversation started. With different patterns, themes and prints, you can find a novelty suspender that represents pretty much anything that you personally like to wear!

But, when is the right time to wear your novelty suspenders? As much as you might love them, wearing a pair of tie-dye suspenders to a black tie formal affair might not be the most appropriate accessory choice.

So, here we have broken down four perfect occasions where strutting your stuff in your favorite novelty suspenders will not only be appropriate, but appreciated.

  • Themed Party/Events: Whether it’s a dinner party, birthday party, or a party just to have a party, themed parties will never go out of style. That’s why this is a perfect opportunity to sport your favorite novelty suspenders. If you’re attending a Grammy’s themed dinner party? Try these black bold notes suspenders. Attending a Casino Night party? Well, these casino suspenders are the perfect accessory and will definitely have you feeling lucky. 

  • Casual Dress: Expressing individual and personal style is always appreciated, respected and a great way to show creativity. Wearing novelty suspenders that help represent you as an individual, whether that be a certain hobby, pattern or something that just catches your eye! Sporting these in your everyday, casual dress attire is a great way to show off your favorite things and individual style.

  • Holidays: No matter the time of year, we all enjoy attending holiday parties, dinners or other events. Wearing some Holiday suspenders simply just adds to the festive spirit and that is something special. 

  • Just for Fun: Because let’s face it, sometimes we just want to switch things up a bit. Don’t forget that fashion is supposed to be fun!