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What the Ends on You Suspenders Mean

We know what you’re thinking. Ends of my suspenders? Don’t they just connect to my pants and that’s it? Technically, yes. But, just like any other piece of clothing or accessory, there are different styles, different uses and different and appropriate circumstances where they can be worn.

So, it’s here in this blog where we decided to break down the types of suspender endings to educate our readers and shoppers a little bit to become a suspender wiz in no time. It might sound boring, but you’ll never know when it might come in handy and who doesn’t like learning new things? We might have just saved you from showing up to a Black Tie affair looking a little less than traditional, and for that you can thank us later for having your back.

When it comes to suspender ends, there are three main categories that they can fall under: clip-on, button-on and belt-clip. Now, let’s break them down!

  1. Clip-Ons: Clip-ons are a classic suspender ending. They are usually made out of silver, brass finishes or drop clip (a little attachment made from leather that the clip hangs from – a bit fancier). The clip-ons are able to add a leather attachment (the drop clip), which makes them a bit dressier than the standard look. Clip-on suspenders are a classic, every day and good-quality that naturally snap closed and grip against the pants. So, no belts or belt loops here, these will clip directly on to the waistband! Can be worn with some business casual looks, but great for every day, stylish outfits.
  2. Button-On: Button-on suspenders are a traditional, timeless and versatile suspender option. The ends are primarily made with either leather or woven suspender (or runner) ends. They both have a hole in them which is meant to connect to the button on your pants. They are typically a “Y-Back,” which means there are three points of connection for a super secure fit (two in the front, and one in the back). Button-on suspenders are a popular option because they can be worn on formal, business, business casual occasions – or for personal stylistic choices.
  3. Belt-Clip: For those that work in working conditions or environments, such as: security, airports, construction, landscaping, etc. The belt-clip suspender is the option for you. These are durable and are made to handle tool belts and offer support.

There you have it! Simple, but differences between suspender ends, what they mean and which ends are appropriate for what occasion. A little information could go a long way, so remember that the next time you’re in need a specific kind of suspender.