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Two Classically Unforgettable TV Characters That Always Knew Suspenders Were Cool

Suspenders (in our opinion) are highly underrated when it comes to clothing accessories. With endless options, colors, styles, fabrics, etc. The ability to dress up or dress down suspenders, as well as choose to wear them with casual or formal clothing is completely at your discretion.

When it comes to suspenders, we have been used to seeing them in more of a businessmen or formal event attire, but that has not always been the case. Two stand-out and unforgettable characters from two cherished TV shows ended up showing us just how cool suspenders were without us even realizing!

Mork (Mork and Mindy):
In the 1970s, Colorado was blessed with a surprising visitor in the form of Mork; an alien from Planet Ork. Although Mork was sent to Earth to study humans and report back to the people of Planet Ork of his findings, his classic “weirdness” and “comedic charm” on Earth won the hearts over of many. Something else that was “classic Mork,” his rainbow suspenders. Mork ended up ditching his alien uniform for the suspenders on top of just about everything he wore. Showing us that being different is okay, and that rainbow suspenders are always a staple accessory.

Steve Urkel (Family Matters):
Yes, we did do that. How could we talk about iconic characters that showed us not only how to unapologetically be ourselves, but just how timeless suspenders actually are without bringing up good old Steve. Ah, Steve Urkel, the original and undeniably greatest nerd we all grew to love so deeply. As the Winslow’s obnoxious neighbor, and the ever so devoted suitor to Rachel, we have to admit that many things make Steve unforgettable. Many things, including his typical outfit. If Steve were to pop around, you could almost assure that he would be wearing suspenders with every single outfit. No matter the color, style, or occasion, Steve showed us that suspenders were more than acceptable in any circumstance.