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The Versatility of Suspenders

The beloved accessory that is known as the suspenders has been around for over three-hundred years. This meaning that in three-hundred years styles, patterns, colors and materials have grown and changed from what they originally started as.

Suspenders were created for practical use for gentlemen in the 1820’s. The creation was due to the fact that back in the day the height at which they worse their trousers was so high that a belt would simply not justify, and therefore came suspenders. Suspenders are all about keeping the natural look of the trousers or dress pants that are being worn. Keeping them in the correct place.

Now, we’re sure that most of you have heard of suspenders before, maybe even worn them once or twice! So, it’s safe to say that rules such as: do not wear a belt while wearing suspenders, or do match the leather on the suspenders with the color of the leather shoes one is wearing. Simple fashion tips and tricks to remember when decided to wear suspenders with an outfit.

Which brings us to something you might also have realized, which is just how versatile suspenders are. As mentioned prior, suspenders were worn by gentlemen in place of a belt to assist in keeping their pants upright. But, today, they are worn for so many different reasons, occasions and simply just because. Suspenders are a personal choice and are able to be worn and accessorized with just about any outfit from a black-tie affair, to a casual day of shopping.

Suspenders are able to be worn in formal settings like black-tie or formal affairs, where one might wear a nice pair of silk suspenders to accentuate their outfit. They are also able to be worn to work in both a business and more industrial settings. Such as, work suspenders for a carpenter, painter, or someone that just needs the assistance with a tool belt while having some fun with their uniform. Suspenders are growing more popular now with everyday fashion that you’ll even see kids wearing them with their casual outfits, or sporting them at a wedding with a little bow tie.

The versatility of suspenders is consistently changing, increasing and being taken to new heights. From being work on the streets of fashion week, to a meeting at the office and even a waltz down the aisle. With endless amounts of colors, patterns, materials and styles; we think it’s pretty safe to say that there is indeed a suspender for everything and everyone.