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Suspenders. They're for Women Too!

Commonly associated with being worn to formal events or social gathering situations, is the secret weapon that are suspenders. Traditionally worn by men, the purpose and use of suspenders are now being taken in a completely different direction. Currently rising in the accessory world, suspenders of all shapes, styles, colors, etc. are being used for so much more than just formal wear.

With this growth and new-found outlook on the accessory within men’s fashion, some might be surprised that this fad is not just being promoted by men, but also by women. That’s right, women wear suspenders too! Don’t get us wrong here, we’re not claiming that anyone actually said to women that they were not allowed to wear suspenders. But, in the women’s fashion universe, the accessory seems to be used as a “secret weapon” that can entirely revamp a women’s style cred.

Just as men are showing some stylistic growth, women are also choosing to add suspenders into their “street style” or everyday outfits. The endless options, colors, fabrics and varieties available leave the creative decision up to the individual; making each choice personal and unique. Wearing them formally to make a fashion statement, or just simply adding them to a casual outfit for a touch of color, the capability suspenders have to automatically make an outfit look chic and distinctive helps the accessory to speak for itself.

The few examples supporting this blog show a majority of the women styling some skinny black suspenders with their outfit for a sophisticated yet trendy touch. Whereas the addition of tan colored suspenders helps to bring the brightly colored purple suit with blue shirt completely together for a wonderful fashion moment.

The flexibilities and possibilities when it comes to enhancing an outfit with a pair of suspenders only proves the progression and creativity that is continuing to blossom inside the fashion industry. From wearing suspenders in only formal situations to seeing them on the street left and right being worn by lovers of fashion all over, we think the best is yet to come with the creativity of this stealthy but popular accessory.