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Suspenders: The One Accessory Every Man Needs

Men’s fashion (in the past) has always been sufficiently standard. It is usually common to see a man in a pair of shorts with a t-shirt that can essentially be worn every day for the spring and summer months; whereas jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt usually gets the typical casual man through fall and winter. But, now that it’s 2017, men’s fashion is stepping up its game. Recently, we have been seeing trends such as colorful printed trousers, creative and unique button up casual or dress shirts, and even the male romper (yeah, don’t get us started on that one).

When it comes to accessorizing with men’s fashion, there are simple yet completely effective ways to take an ordinary outfit and turn it into stud status. A lot of men swear by shoes or sneakers, which we agree, entirely makes or breaks an outfit. Hats and socks are among other accessories that men tend to gravitate towards when spicing things up. But the one thing every stylish man absolutely needs…suspenders.

Suspenders have been around for forever and a day! Most commonly seen worn in formal attire with a suit or tuxedo. But now, gone be the days of just wearing suspenders for their actual purpose. Suspenders are now worn as not only an accessory to an outfit, but as a statement. Frankly, we don’t see this as a trend that will blow over, but more of a staple that should be in every man’s wardrobe. Suspenders are the accessory that can turn an average outfit into something that will actually turn heads as you walk down the street.

Many male models, Instagram Bloggers, and style entrepreneurs are showing different and creative ways to rock suspenders in everyday outfit selections. Having the ability to wear them over a casual t-shirt or button up with a nice pair of jeans, or style them as business casual with some slacks and a nice shirt proves that once placed on an outfit, the whole look changes in a positive way. Suspenders are the one accessory that molds itself into what you need it to be. Whether you decide to wear them casually to accessorize an outfit, or stick to traditional formal suspenders when fashioning a suit or tux; suspenders fit into any styling decision and instantly help to boost your style cred.