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Suspender Sizing Tips

Generally speaking, when most of us think about sizing options, suspenders aren’t at the top of the list. However, just like your blazer, pants, shirts, etc. Suspenders as well follow a sizing guideline that allows shoppers to comfortably, fashionably and correctly wear their suspenders.

With so many different types of suspenders, such as: women, kids, big and tall, etc. It’s only expected that not all suspenders are (and fit) the same.

We know that your head is probably spinning out of control, but that’s what we’re here for. Below we have broken down some tips and things to remember that not only get asked a lot, but are going to be so helpful the next time you shop for suspenders.

  • There are generally two size categories for suspenders: Average and Tall.
    •  Average is usually 46 inches and great for men that are between 5’2” and 6’1” tall; whereas Tall is 54 inches and can fit anyone that is between the heights of 6” and 6’4”

  • Suspender size determining factors include: height, weight, body type and how high or low pants on the individual are worn and should all be taken into consideration before purchasing your suspenders.

  • To accurately measure (with a measuring tape): 
    • Start at the back top of your pants (where you would normally wear them) where the suspenders will attach, and run the tape measure diagonally up and then over the opposite shoulder and down to the top of the front attachment part of your pants. Take the final number, and order a SIZE UP from that for a little extra room.

  • When it comes to suspender materials, elastic suspenders are stretchy and therefore have more of a give when being worn. Leather, silk, grosgrain, etc. have no stretch but do have an elastic piece in the back that does lend some stretch.

  • Using the medal adjuster that lays on the front of your suspenders is also there to help adjust for length (reminder than sizing up will have them lay mid-length on the body when attached).

  • And there you have it! Some helpful and informative tips for the next time you’re looking to purchase some suspenders. Remember that since we are all different, not all of these “facts” or tips apply to everyone, so take the mentioned factions into consideration.