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Styling Suspenders: Causal vs. Formal

Suspenders are a classic staple when it comes to fashion. They have been long worn throughout history for the purpose of connecting to a man’s trousers to hold them up. Recognized as an undergarment for men when being dressed in more formal attire. Well, this classic look (which has never gone out of style) is spreading its wings being worn by men, women, and even children!

The beauty about suspenders and it’s growing “reinvention” is that we’re not only seeing them now just for formal or black tie affairs, but in casual everyday fashion. That’s right, wearing suspenders casually is now a thing and honestly, it’s pretty awesome. Throwing them over a classic button up or t-shirt with a pair of jeans or skirt is sort of the relaxed “I didn’t try too hard but I still look stylish” look that is in trend. Being able to add a simple accessory like suspenders to just about any look can actually change the entire look. It can spruce an outfit up and make you look sophisticated, or it can look as if they just appeared on your body. They can be worn to stand out with a splash of color and as a novelty, or they can be worn classic and in a solid color being straight to the point. Suspenders can even be worn in a uniform for specific professions. Coming in endless options: colors, materials, and styles, etc. there is literally a specific suspender for any and all occasions.

Representation of how suspenders can be worn casually or in formal situations is truly how you decide to style the rest of the outfit. A perfect example of two completely different looks (yet both stylish and casual) are from British YouTuber and Model, Jim Chapman and one of Hollywood’s most powerful voices, Christina Aguilera. Jim has his suspenders peeking through his pea coat with a casual button up shirt and some khaki colored trousers. The look is more off-the-cuff for a day out or a casual meeting, but he still looks completely charming. Christina styles her black suspenders with an all-black ensemble for a performance topping it off with a hat and pumps for a casual yet sultry look.   


When it comes to formal wear, suspenders are no stranger to the usual attire. Whether it’s attending a red carpet event, black tie wedding, being a business professional, or just because you genuinely need suspenders the two go hand-in-hand. The two styles chosen to showcase formal (below) prove that you can certainly still wear formal suspenders in multiple and completely different ways. Spanish model and actor, Jon Korajarena can make just about anything look good. Showing up to a gala at Cannes this year completely owning his classic tuxedo with black suspenders to complete the look (excuse us while we stare at this picture all day). Another “formal” look from a different red carpet, worn with standard suspenders is sported by funny man, Jack Black. Striking a pose in his suit shows just how you can still wear a more professional and formal outfit with suspenders but not be as over the top and fancy. 


No matter the occasion, no matter your mood, or your current style we have a good feeling that suspenders will always be an accessory that will compliment any outfit. Suspenders are something you can style and wear and completely make your own. They are something that can make one outfit or one picture memorable for years to come. All we’re trying to say is, don’t discount our beloved styling accessory…suspenders.