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Our Top 5 Suspender Picks for Spring (2018)

Every season brings all of us a new opportunity to experiment with fashion. It brings us a new chance to add pieces to our wardrobe, enhance our style and follow along with the new and cool trends.

So, now that spring has officially begun and the sight of winter is (very slowly) starting to depart, our itch to bring out pops of color, style our accessories and wear shoes other than snow boots is growing at a rapid pace. Adding pops of color is a great way to spruce up almost any outfit. Whether it’s done with a shirt or accessories, sometimes the simple addition of something pastel or bright can change an entire look.

Suspenders are a great way to add a stylistic touch to a casual outfit, be a great support for men that truly need it throughout their day, or are expected to be worn in certain event environments. Whichever way the suspenders are being worn, they’re a great opportunity to not only accessorize an outfit, but complement and bring the outfit to life.

After sifting through our vast selection of suspenders, we have narrowed our selections for our top five suspender picks for this spring season. These five selections all give that pop of color, are able to be styled with casual, business casual, or more formal dress codes and should pair nicely with just about any ensemble.

  1. Navy Ombre Terry StripeNot only are these suspenders fun, but the different hues of blue in this ombre selection will definitely make heads turn. Pair with a simple chambray or white t-shirt and some jeans for a perfect casually chic and impressive look.

  2. Powder Blue Newport: A good solid blue suspenders can go a long way, the charming shade of powder blue is a great selection that can honestly work in every season, not just spring! It can be styled for a casual look or worn with a suit to an outdoor rustic wedding. Who doesn’t love a pop of blue? 

  3. Olive Grosgraine RibbonA good ribbon suspender is hard to come by. This olive selection is a great color for spring and summer (and even fall) seasons. It’s a popular color for weddings, and especially wedding parties. It’s a great neutral with still being able to bring some flair to a look. The comeback of the color olive in clothing and accessories is here to stay, and honestly – we approve. 

  4. Light Pink OxfordLight pink will almost always be a contender when it comes to accessories. Both men and women can be seen sporting pink accessories for both casual and formal outfits. It’s classic, colorful and brings a sense of happiness to an outfit. Sure, think (or call) us crazy for saying that, but it’s true. If there is any hint of pink in an outfit the response is almost always positive. 

  5. Lilac NewportPurple is another popular color, specifically lilac. It reminds us of spring, sunshine and brings on a sense of calm. It’s the perfect color for any outdoor event or wedding and pairs perfectly with either a light or dark colored suit.