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Material of Choice

Choices, choices, and more choices. Most things in life are all about making decisions and choices. Where to go to eat. How to decide on a hair style for the day. What movie does everyone want to see. We could probably go on to fill up this entire blog with how everything we do is ultimately a choice or decision made by us.

Sometimes these choices can be easy and sometimes they can be difficult. Nonetheless, each situation where a choice is made does not have to be expected as most are completely personal preference. Especially when it comes to style and fashion. Choices are made every single day in the selections of clothing to purchase, how to dress, what should be worn for a specific event, etc.

Again, these situations are all made by the individual in how they choose to express themselves. Fashion, along with trends and singular styles change as we grow, mature, and develop different tastes for different things. As we evolve, our preferences for items (such as accessories) expand with us; and just like anything else, there are choices in accessories.

Specifically, in suspenders. The accessory that has the capability to turn an outfit into a casual and trendy look, or a sophisticated and formal one. Whichever way suspenders are chosen to be worn and styled, deciding which material suspender fits best for the specific outfit choice and the person wearing that outfit. Out of the four suspender materials we have listed, each one comes in a variety of colors, patters, and styles to provide the ultimate unique look for any clothing ensemble.

Elastic Suspenders: Elastic suspenders are the typical “everyday” suspender. They are a fantastic choice for making a fashion statement in daily outfit and style choices. The most common material selection due to its flexibility, versatility, and comfort that consistently helps to achieve any look that is desired. 
Ribbon Suspenders: Similar to Elastic Suspenders, Ribbon Suspenders offer a more every day and casual approach to accessorizing just with a ribbon material. The drop clips at the ends help the suspenders to clip to dress pants, trousers or jeans with ease. Ribbon suspenders will forever be trendy, approachable and interchangeable which is why we love them so much. 
(100%) Silk Suspenders: The “fanciest” and most luxurious of the materials is silk. Commonly worn by business professionals or when attending a formal event to give off a more lavish look. Silk suspenders provide an outfit to come together as sophisticated, classy and stylish. 
Terrycloth Suspenders: A common fabric seen in the production of clothing and accessories is terrycloth. Terrycloth suspenders provide that familiar soft material that is more casual when it comes to accessorizing an outfit. The classic loops in the material lend to a memorable and homely feeling when worn with a classic t-shirt.