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(Larry) King of Suspenders: Top 5 Looks

If we asked you to tell us something about Larry King, we think that almost everyone asked would be able to give us one of two answers. One, that he is the older current events Talk Show Host on CNN; and two, that he is the guy that wears suspenders.

Larry King is indeed the Talk Show Host most commonly known for his show “Larry King Live” that was on CNN for twenty-five years ending in 2010. Today, Larry is still king of current events hosting not one, but two different shows. The talk shows range in topics and discussions and feature celebrities, world leaders, and news anchors that Larry brings on to interview. The other show, however is dedicated to the topic of politics and focusing on political characters as guests.

Claiming he is not much of a “suit wearer” in an interview once, Larry discusses the time his wife suggested he tried on a pair of suspenders (or braces) to go to dinner and that it “looked nice” and that is how it all began. He also goes on to say that within each location he works he always has shirts and suspenders available for him so it makes traveling easy. One thing we know is that whether it is a public appearance, award show, or one of his talk shows, Larry will almost always be sporting suspenders. They may be classic black, formal or informal ribbon, elastic material suspenders, or maybe even have a pattern. Regardless, the look that is just a simplistic and stylistic choice for Larry has nationally granted him king of the accessory!

This trademark is something we absolutely love, being a fan of suspenders ourselves. So, we took it upon ourselves to put together a compilation of our “Top 5 Larry King Suspender Looks.” Some are classic Larry and what most of us would recognize when we picture him, and others might be new to the eye! Nonetheless, the king of suspenders helps bring appreciation to the timeless accessory and wears them unapologetically and with style, which is something we should all feel when choosing what to wear.