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How to Wear Suspenders: Dancing with the Stars Edition

If you are a devoted (twenty-five seasons deep) fan of Dancing with The Stars, then chances are you’re aware of the costuming that plays a major role in the show. Whether it is Disney, Boy Band, Latin or Ballroom themed night; one thing remains the certain, and that is that you will almost always see one of the professionals or stars wearing suspenders.

The reasoning for the consistency of suspenders in weekly costumes are most likely due to a few things: they are dancing ballroom, which is classy – and we all know that suspenders are the classiest accessory next to its counterpart, the necktie. Another reason is for their actual intended use. Those who watch know and have seen plenty of slip-ups in the costume department when the contestants are dancing. Wearing suspenders help to hold the pants in place so that they don’t happen to just fall off while one is doing the Waltz or Charleston. The last reason, the look and style. Suspenders are a great accessory to pair with any casual or formal outfit. If you view in our pictures below, you’ll notice a variety of ways suspenders have been styled throughout DWTS history. From classic black silk suspenders to some bright purple suspenders to complement their partners outfit and spruce up the costume.

When it comes to DWTS, suspenders and ballroom just go hand-in-hand. As we mentioned before, these pictures (in a slideshow below) show us just the versatility suspenders have, even within a fast-paced competition. They can add a touch of elegance to a slow and classic ballroom dance, or add some spunk and fun to a jazz or jive. The possibilities when it comes to styling suspenders on this show are (as you have seen) endless!