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How to Dress for Saint Patrick's Day

That time of year is just about here again. You know the one we’re talking about – parades, bars, and green. Lots of green. Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us, and whether you have that Irish blood boiling in your skin, or none at all, you’re ready to celebrate. So let’s take a look at how you should dress for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day is on a Friday this year and there’s nothing more exciting than not having to worry about the following work day. While stating this fact, let’s remember you should worry about what you’re wearing because it’s there’s anything we know about our world, it’s that others will surely remember. So leave that leprechaun outfit at home – it was funny and actually kind of cute in your early 20’s, but there are much better ways to impress your friends, colleagues and even that special someone you’ve had your eye on, with a fun and yet sophisticated look for a fun night out.

Green is the new Blue
Can you image wearing blue instead of green when picking out your ensemble for St. Patty’s Day? Blue was actually the original color associated with the popular holiday! However, green became the chosen color for its popularity. The reasoning behind this isn’t so far-fetched. The green in the Irish flag play a very big role in this representation. St. Patrick also used the green clover as a part of his teachings about Catholicism, so as we can see,  green is a much better suited color for this holiday. After all, wouldn’t you want to wear green and avoid getting pinched by leprechauns? That’s true, as legend tells it, when in green leprechauns can’t see you.

Green Neckwear
The obvious is to pick out your favorite green neckwear. Whether it be a necktie or bowtie, they both give you the opportunity to sport the flashy color. With a bowtie, there are so many different versions of the color green to choose from. You can take your pick of a brighter green, darker green, and toy with different patterns as well. Personally, when choosing neckwear for a holiday where you want to show off your best green, we suggest being creative with your choice of a necktie. The length of a necktie gives you the opportunity to show off your festive side, especially with your choice in a striped tie. However, if you are going with suspenders, the rule of thumb is to stick with a bowtie.

Green Suspenders
If there’s ever a time to bust out those green suspenders of yours, it’s now. Forget about that belt! Truly, nothing pairs better than a nice selection of suspenders when you’re out walking around all day and enjoying your favorite selection of food, drinks, and dancing. You have quite the choice of green suspenders, plaid or solid – but more importantly, you can break out those Shamrock Suspenders! I don’t think it needs to be explained why these are the perfect choice for your Saint Patrick’s Day outfit. Our Celtic Green suspenders are also a great choice as well – you would definitely be remembered for your outfit choice. Who wouldn’t want to be remembered wearing a fun, sophisticated and eccentric outfit on Saint Patrick’s Day? 

Keep It Classy
Don’t stop there! There are plenty of accessories to choose from when picking your outfit. From handkerchiefs, vests, and socks – the green doesn’t stop! Just remember, too much green is a no-go. Keep it classy, gents! Here at, we’re more than happy to help you with your ensemble, so don’t be afraid to click that “Chat Now” button on the bottom of your screen and enjoy shopping for one of the best nights of the year!