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How to Accessorize Your Favorite Tuxedo

Wearing a tuxedo not only looks great, but also makes you feel good. It’s a practical and formal outfit that is ideal for almost any formal event. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, it’s important to choose the right accessories to add style to your tuxedo.

There are plenty of ways in which you can accessorize your tuxedo. With various accessories and even jewelry, you simply need to choose the color you want, and take a look at the various options you have in terms of accessories for your tuxedo. Keep in mind that you should choose accessories that complement your outfit, so that you can look your best when attending a party.

Suspenders are among the most popular tuxedo accessories around. Suspenders are fabric straps which are worn to hold up trousers. Their function means that they are an alternative to a belt. The suspenders may clip on to the trousers or they may attach to buttons on the inside of the waistband.

When it comes to choosing the right type of suspenders, clip on suspenders are preferred for casual wear and are more commonly used for this purpose. This is because casual trousers, like jeans, don’t have buttons inside the waistband to accommodate suspenders. Button attachments are preferred for formal wear and are more commonly used for this purpose because formal trousers usually do have buttons inside the waistband to allow suspenders to be worn.

Suspenders come in a wide variety of materials and colors. They typically have either an X or Y style which means that the suspender straps cross over at the back in either an X shape or a Y shape. Either style works for the purpose of holding trousers so which style you choose is purely a matter of personal taste.

You can choose between various sizes for your suspenders, varying from super slim to extra wide. Choose what suits your build and what compliments the rest of your outfit. For example, suspenders worn casually with jeans are meant to be seen and are a fashion accessory, so medium to extra wide suspenders would be best suited for the purpose. However, suspenders worn as part of a suit should be subtle and not seen when the jacket is on, therefore super slim suspenders may be the best choice.

Choosing the Perfect Suspenders
You can choose between wearing buttons or making use of clips when fastening your suspenders to your trousers. But any professional racer will tell you that clip-on suspenders or a big no-no. If you're going to wear suspenders and you want to look good, stay away from clip-on suspenders. Stick to the traditional button attachments, which can usually be found on the interior of the waistband of trousers. On denim or heaving materials they can typically be found on the exterior.

Professional, well-designed suspenders will be adjustable. You may want to tweak the length based on your own height and also the length of your tools. In general, if you are taller than 6'3" you may need to wear longer suspenders to make sure everything looks perfectly in proportion.

Low-cut trousers that sit low on your hips does not look good with suspenders, especially since the whole point of suspenders is to keep your trousers hanging just above your natural waist.

These days you’ll find suspenders in almost any size. If you want to invest in only a few pairs of suspenders, choose a mid-range width of around 1.2” to 1.5”. Smaller than that usually are trendy and challenging to pull off; whereas heavy duty suspenders are only meant for men with heavy builds or those who do physically demanding work.

Suspenders in the Workplace
If you are employed in the corporate world and you like to break the rules as much as you make them, suspenders will make a great addition to your outfit. It's perfect for those who are known for taking big risks and also enjoying huge successes on the job. Keep it stylish by choosing suits that have classic, elegant lines. In terms of your suspenders, choose a medium width.

If you hold a position that commands respect, you will very likely have to always look elegant, powerful and sophisticated. This is the perfect reason why suspenders will make a great addition to your wardrobe. If you want to have an authoritative look, choose a classic color for your tailored suit, such as navy, black or grey, and then choose a slightly wider neck tie. Your suspenders can be in a similar hue to the suit, or you can choose an entirely contrasting color like yellow or red. In terms of accessories, you can wear personalized cufflinks as well as a tie pin. These are perfect and will complement your final look.

Your suspenders should be the same color as your tie, without overpowering it. A safe bet is to choose suspenders in a grey or black color, with delicate patterns. You can also go for soft pastel colors like mint green and pale pink. These colors work especially well with a navy suit. Finish this stylish corporate look with polished shoes and a modern wristwatch. You will be all set and ready to take on the world.

Suspenders have definitely become very popular and they are the perfect tuxedo accessory. You can dress your outfit up or down with suspenders, and choose from a wide variety of colors, materials and designs to make for the perfect wardrobe accessory.