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Holiday Party Outfit Inspiration

As the holiday season creeps in full force, the get-togethers, dinners parties and events are coming along right with it. 

Whether it's a work holiday party, or a holiday party with friends, family or an organizational event - figuring out what to wear can be somewhat difficult. But, as long as you know what the dress code is, maintain your personal style and get in the holiday spirit - you're sure to have a jolly good time! 

With that being said, we decided to select a few outfits that might help give you a little holiday outfit inspiration so that you can completely nail your look with total confidence. 

Go All Out
This is the look you want when attending a more formal event or gala. Around the holidays, don't be afraid to incorporate holiday colors like gold or silver. An wearing accessories like silk suspenders, or lapel flowers is a sure way to step up any holiday ensemble. 


Simple & Charming 
For dinner parties, office parties, or casual holiday parties with friends or family - there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple. Wearing a dress shirt, with a necktie and jeans or slacks; or some dress pants with a sweater on-top of a collared shirt are some classically stylish and foolproof outfit options. Putting together these basics with colors and patterns that are individual to your personal style is the perfect way to make your stamp on the holiday season. 


The In-Between 
For the stylish guy that doesn't want or need to wear a full out tuxedo ensemble, and wants something a little more elevated than some slacks and a sweater, a combination of both going all-out and keeping it classic does indeed exist - and it's easier than you think! A nice pair of dress pants, a nice ironed shirt, bow tie with coordinating suspenders (or a pair of our favorite holiday suspenders) and an instant and impressive outfit has been created. Switch things up by wearing a sports coat, blazer or suit jacket with a pair of jeans, a dress shirt and suspenders for an equally cool, calm, collected and handsome appearance. 


Whichever outfit sparks your interest, remember that the holidays are about having fun, giving back and keeping your loved ones close! Making your outfit choices personal and individual to you and your likes, needs and style is all apart of the standards when attending events, but at the end of the day, it's YOU that makes the lasting impression.