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Groomsmen, Wedding Style and Suspender

When it comes to ceremonies and receptions, the reality is that no two weddings are alike. Each wedding is catered to the bride and grooms likes, wants and dreams. Weddings are something that are curated and tailored with extreme detail from the color scheme to the type of flowers the bridesmaids are holding (which are different from the brides, of course).

One of the biggest decisions brides and grooms will make (apart from the décor) is what the bridal party will be wearing. Now, as tradition does still exist for bridal party ensembles, there has been more flexibility with wedding style now than in the past. With all of the different environments, themes and types of weddings that are more frequently occurring today, bridesmaids and groomsmen can be expected to wear anything from a ball gown and tuxedo to jeans and a sundress.

Following a color scheme is something that is pretty common within bridal parties still as to blend in with the look of the rest of the wedding. However, bridesmaids can be given a color to shop for, but able to wear a dress that is flattering to them, and groomsmen are given a color to wear or accessorize with.

One of those accessories (besides the beloved necktie) is suspenders. More and more we are seeing suspenders being worn by the groomsmen and even sometimes the groom on their special day. Traditionally suspenders were worn for formal events with a tuxedo as a way of holding up a gentleman’s pants, rather than wearing a belt. But, in today’s fashion-forward world, suspenders have become a staple rather than just another “accessory.”

There are multiple ways that suspenders are being styled into the groomsmen’s attire. A lot of it does indeed have to do with the vibe, look and location of the wedding they are in. But, being bold and different when it comes to weddings seems to be the new trend. We’re seeing a ton of outdoorsy, laid back and homely type weddings that are cozy, elegant and quaint. For this, it’s not uncommon to see groomsmen wearing their skinny suspenders with a dress shirt (with or without a tie) and a pair of jeans or slacks.

Another popular look takes a play from tradition, but with a trendy new spin. Groomsmen will wear a nice pair of solid black suspenders with either tuxedo or dress pants, and a bow tie without a jacket. The suspenders without a tuxedo or dinner jacket is a more relaxed approach for the groomsmen, but also highlights the groom as he can usually be seen wearing the full suited ensemble.

More and more we are seeing more colors, patterns and styles of suspenders being worn by groomsmen in wedding parties and it’s not only exciting, but fashionable and personable. Taking an individual approach to “traditional” wedding attire, and giving it the personal touch and taste of both the bride and groom just makes for a more fashionable and unforgettable wedding.