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A Quick Guide to Wearing Suspenders

Belts as we know it is a fairly modern invention, and they used to be largely decorative. Traditionally, suspenders were used to hold up the man's trousers, so let's take a look at the brief history of these handy accessories and how you can properly wear them today.

Belts are seen every day and they have become part of our modern style. But suspenders were here first, and they still remain the preferred method of holding up trousers, especially by many fine dresses around the world. But there are a few things that you need to know about suspenders before you simply add them to your wardrobe randomly.

Buttons or Clips?
You can choose between wearing buttons or making use of clips when fastening your suspenders to your trousers. But any professional racer will tell you that clip on suspenders or a big no-no. If you're going to wear suspenders and you want to look good, stay away from clip-on suspenders. Stick to the traditional button attachments, which can usually be found on the interior of the waistband of trousers. On denim or heaving materials they can typically be found on the exterior.

Needless to say, you should never, ever wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. They serve exactly the same purpose, so not only is it pointless to wear both, but it really does not look good. If you have a choice between either one, go for the suspenders. It's a cleaner look, especially for formal attire.

If you’re a globe trotter, you can get a few pairs of airport suspenders for hassle free traveling. They have a reserved style and come with plastic hardware so they won’t set off any metal detectors. They are also clip-on type suspenders so that you can attach and remove them at a moment’s notice. It’s very convenient and ideal for those who want to look stylish all year round, even when traveling.

Adjust the Length
Keep in mind that a good pair of suspenders will be adjustable. You may want to tweak the length based on your own light and also the length of your tools. In general, if you are taller than 6'3" you may need to wear longer suspenders to make sure everything looks perfectly in proportion.

Suspenders work based on trousers with it all along, rice. Low-cut trousers that sit low on your hips does not look good with suspenders, especially since the whole point of suspenders is to keep your trousers hanging just above your natural waist.

Leave Enough Room
Suspenders are best suited for trousers that have been little room in the waist area. It's just more comfortable this way, and it will avoid pulling the trousers too tight around your hips and legs. If you wear trousers that are too thin, suspenders will not look good and it will obviously not perform the function that it should, so simply an unnecessary accessory.

If you have a large belly, suspenders are best to keep up your trousers. It will allow you to ‘float’ your waist, and it will look better than having to squeeze in a belt under your gut. If your weight fluctuates, suspenders can be a great solution. Instead of having a tailor change your trousers every time, simply add some suspender buttons to them. Suspenders allow for a more even look, whereas a belt might lead to fabric bunching up when the waistband is cinched with a belt.

What About the Width?
These days you’ll find suspenders in almost any size. If you want to invest in only a few pairs of suspenders, choose a mid-range width of around 1.2” to 1.5”. Smaller than that usually are trendy and challenging to pull off; whereas heavy duty suspenders are only meant for men with heavy builds or those who do physically demanding work.

Treat It Like Underwear
Tradition dictates that suspenders should be covered by a vest, jacket, sweater, cummerbund or a combination of these. They are not meant to be shown off, but rather to be functional. If someone can get a peek of them, that’s great, but they should not be openly flaunted. It’s a mistake that many people make. Don’t throw them over a casual outfit – it won’t make you look cool. It might just look like you want to wear your underwear over your outfit.

A Formal Accessory
Never wear a belt with a formal outfit. Suspenders should be worn and you can easily match them to your outfit: you can wear white silk suspenders to blend in with a white shirt or wear a light grey or pale cream, or the same cloth as your tuxedo’s trimmings. These trimmings are usually black satin or something similar.

You can, of course, wear one of many novelty suspenders, but not many people can pull this one off. There are so many different styles and designs that you’ll easily find one that suits your personality. Novelty suspenders are also great if you have to play dress-up to a theme party, and they can be worn with a wide range of colors and styles.

Do It DIY Style
If you want to prepare your trousers for suspenders, you can do so easily by sewing six buttons. You’ll need three sets of two buttons and each should be sewn about 2.5 inches apart. These should be on the interior waistband. Two pairs will be on each side of your center front, while the third pair straddles the back (center) seam. Now your trousers are ready to work with suspenders.

While belts may seem popular and the most go-to accessory for most men, suspenders date back even further. They are practical, effective and very stylish too. You can choose from many different designs, fabrics, and colors to perfectly complement the rest of your outfit. By keeping these style tips in mind, you can turn any formal outfit into the perfect fit for any event.