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4 Steps to Great Suspender Style

When it comes to fashion, clothes and style (yes, three very different things), there is no rulebook for how one chooses to dress. Some people have that creative urge with fashion within them, and others just look at it as clothing. Again, no way is the right way, it’s just preference.

Having said that, there are so many different ways we can choose to express ourselves with clothing and style. There are so many trends and looks we can follow, create and be inspired by. That’s what makes fashion so much fun. It’s bigger than us.

Within the world of style, obviously comes accessories. From scarves to socks, jewelry, handbags, coats, etc. The list could literally go on and on and on. A specific accessory that has been around for a long time (and probably not going anywhere any time soon) is suspenders. Originally used for formal dress situations, suspenders have grown into an accessory that is fun to play with, experiment and add to completely switch a look or style up.

There are so many different ways to wear suspenders and so many different kinds to choose from. Between colors, patterns, materials, styles, etc. Knowing which kind of suspender is right for you can sometimes be overwhelming. Here, we have decided to breakdown four foolproof ways that we think help to make any suspender look successful. 

1. What type of suspenders are appropriate? First of all, which kind of suspenders are appropriate for you? Are you attending an event? In that instance, wearing silk suspenders might be the way to go. Attending a family function or just in a festive and relaxed mood? Novelty suspenders allow you to wear some of your favorite things right on your clothes! Understanding the “dress code” or reason for wearing or wanting to wear suspenders will ultimately help with which suspenders will lead you to some great suspenders looks. 

2. Confidence. This one obviously doesn’t just go for wearing suspenders, but nonetheless is important. When we choose what we wear, we want it to be an expression of ourselves and what we like, but also what we feel comfortable in. Being confident in wearing suspenders to work or a casual dinner function or even shopping is so important in great suspender style. So, if you wake up feeling like you want to switch things up and wear some trendy plaid suspenders or add stripes into your casual look, then you do so…confidently.

3. Matching & Coordination. With any outfit matching a coordinating is extremely important. Why? Because if we walk out of the house wearing an orange shirt with orange neon suspenders, things might appear a little odd. A great example of this is attending a wedding. Whether you’re in the wedding or not, it’s not only important when wearing a belt to match it with your shoes, but in that instance to not wear suspenders! That’s right. With suspender styles, it is either a belt or suspenders, never both. It’s also important to have your accessories coordinate. So, you’ll want to wear a suspender that is complimentary to the rest of the outfit, or your pocket square rather than blending in. 

4. Have fun with it! At the end of the day, suspenders are something to add to any outfit, both casual and formal, to complete a look. So, remember (with all fashion as well), stay true to yourself, wear what you are comfortable in and always have fun.