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Suspender Style Guide: Attachments


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People who might be otherwise attracted to using suspenders as part of their wardrobes are sometimes discouraged by the methods of attachment. Many of us simply don’t want to go through the hassle of attaching buttons to our pants in order to wear suspenders. As you will find however, there are many methods of attaching suspenders to your pants, including clip-ons and belt attachments.

Here is a brief overview, followed by a longer consideration of all the possibilities.

Let’s consider first the 2 main kinds of attachments methods for suspenders:

Clip-Ons: The clip-on suspender attachment is perhaps the most popular simply because it requires virtually no prep and works with most any pants. Clip-ons come in a variety of looks and are easy to put on and take off. The quality of the clip-on can vary a great deal with some attaching more firmly than others.

Button-On Attachments: There is no sturdier way connecting your suspenders than via button-on attachments. This attachment method insures that your suspenders will stay put, but they have the drawback of being the most preparation intensive option because they require you to either sew buttons onto the pants you want to use or to buy pants that already have buttons sown.

There are a series of variations within these choices. Let’s consider them more fully:


Airport Clips: If you do a lot of travelling, you might find the plastic clips of our Airporter suspenders to be a real convenience. Metal clips can be a drag while going through security and can add minutes onto the line.

Alligator Clips: These sharp-toothed clips are the most popular kinds of clips of our wider suspenders. Alligator clips are typically 1” wide, which makes them somewhat less stylish but offers a much firmer hold on your pants—a necessity for suspenders used for workmen whose jobs require utility belts.

Drop Clips: Drop clips are finger clips with leather attachments. Most of what applies to finger clips, applies to drop clips as well.

Finger Clips: A dressier choice than most alligator clips, finger clips come in a brass or nickel finish. Well-designed finger clips attach firmly and last a relatively long time. Our finger clips come in both nickel and brass finishes and are especially popular on our ultra-stylish thin suspenders.

Side Clips: Side clips are simply clips that attach at the side (like a cowboy’s holster) rather than at the back and front.

Trigger Snaps: Some of our Western style suspenders come with so-called trigger snaps. These kinds of clips attach to belts and have a style you may be familiar with already from leashes and similar hardware.



Leather Button Suspenders: Leather is perhaps our most popular type of button-on attachment and can give your suspenders a very western feel with their classic rabbit ear strips. Conservative leather straps come in brown, black and tan which makes them ideal for work or formal social occasions.

Industrial Leather Button-Ons: For suspenders designed for heavy-duty work, our industrial leather button-ons offer the extra strength and support for those whose trades require physical labor of the intense variety.

Runner Ends: Button-on attachments made of fabric are known as “runner ends.” These very classy attachments work just as leather button-ons do for all intents and purposes.