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Style Guide
I ordered 5 suspenders from In Stock, they arrived superfast and I was highly impressed by their quality. Definitely will be ordering more thanks... -- Andrew S., Texas.

Checkered Suspenders

Few suspender patterned are more classic than checkered suspenders. Whether you are trying to create the traditional pageboy look or you just dig checkers, checkered suspenders can make your outfit pop. A set of braces like the Bergamo Checkered Tuxedo Suspenders can help you bring a formal outfit together or just a fun clubbing outfit.


And checkers make matching a cinch. Just coordinate the colors in your checkered suspenders with the colors of your outfit and you’re set.  Braces like the Black and Red Checkers Suspenders are the way to creating an eye-grabbing look.


For a subtler look go with the Grey Checkers Suspenders whose pattern is created through shades of grey, rather than different colors. This kind of look is low-key and perfect for a work environment.